Even with loose attire, Alia Bhatt couldn’t hide her pregnant bulge.

Alia Bhatt is doing all in her power to conceal the growing baby bulge on her stomach. At other occasions, she was spotted wearing a baggy salwar suit instead of the inflated one piece that she sometimes wore. Despite this, the camera managed to capture the large pregnant bulge she was sporting

As soon as Alia Bhatt revealed that she was pregnant after just two months of being married, there was a frenzy on social media. Alia Bhatt’s baby bump. Everyone immediately began to congratulate Alia and Ranbir on their engagement.

While everything is going on, Alia is keeping up with all of her professional obligations, which she said she would be doing immediately she found out she was pregnant. During this time, Alia was attending the premiere of the trailer for her next flick Darling.

During this time, Alia covered her growing baby belly by wearing a one-piece swimsuit shaped like a balloon. Following this, Alia attended another function while dressed in a patterned salwar suit. But despite thousands of attempts, Alia’s large baby belly was captured in the camera, and the resulting video has already become very popular on social media.

Suit with a Floral Print That Was Worn

In the most recent video, Alia Bhatt can be seen wearing a salwar suit with a floral motif that is black in colour. Alia picked Sharara as the person to conceal her growing pregnancy belly. This suit’s kurta had an extremely loose fit all the way from the top down. In which Alia could be seen constantly draping her dupatta over the visible hump in her stomach.

It was impossible to disguise the baby bump.

Alia Bhatt may be seen repeatedly hiding the baby bump with her dupatta in this video clip. In spite of this, all of Alia’s hard work was undone, and her large pregnant belly could be plainly seen in the video.

This salwar suit that Alia Bhatt wore to her appearance was quite understated. Alia accessorised her appearance by wearing large earrings and by leaving her hair open. In addition to this, the pregnant glow that was evident on her face in the video was plainly noticeable.

Which was contributing to her overall appearance. After two months of marriage, Alia Bhatt took to social media to reveal the happy news that she was expecting a child by posting a photo of herself. Ranbir Kapoor was seen sitting next to Alia as she was resting on the hospital bed in this image.

Alia was seen reclining on the bed. On the screen at the same time, a heart could be seen beating. Alia stated in the comment that she posted beside this photograph, “Our baby is arriving soon.

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